How to take care of tattoos

To get a beautiful tattoo depends largely on the tattoo artist but to keep the tattoo so that it is completely beautiful is due to the way you care. Actually, if you do not care for tattoos safely and properly, you not only get infectious diseases but also damage the tattoos. So how is tattoo care safe?

1. After the tattoo is done, the tattoo will be covered with a thin layer of nylon to ensure clean from dust to fly. After 2-3 hours you can remove the nylon and rinse with warm water or physiological saline, after washing you have to use a towel, smooth paper dry dry gently.
2. The tattoo area should absolutely not contact the water for at least 24 hours, after 24 hours wash your tattoo 1-2 days with warm water or saline physiology and remember to always wash hands thoroughly before the real Now, you should not rub soap for at least a week and do not let the tattoo come in direct sunlight for two months because during this time the young skin needs protection and it has sunshine. will make your tattoos silver in color.

3. After tattooing for 3-4 days, the tattoo area begins to dry, itching, scaling, you have to moisturize your tattoos by greasing, you should apply dedicated tattoo cream of each Season according to the instructions of the tattoo shop where you make.
Ointment approved:
- Vaseline
- Aquaphor
- Bacitracine
- Lubriderm does not smell
- Aveno
- Curel
* Keep away from the following:- Ointments A & D
- Neosporin or antibiotic ointment
- Hand soap is fragrant
- Ice cream contains "acohol", alcohol

4. Abstinence in eating:
- Shrimp, fish, sea crab ... (5 days)
- Chicken and processed foods made from sticky rice (7 days)
- Alcohol, beer and alcohol (3 days)
- Lettuce and eggs (2 weeks)
After a month you should go back to be checked and correct if necessary if the tattoos are not scabby causing scratches, rubbing ....

Tattoos are like a wound on the skin, should be kept clean and care close. Therefore, tattoos have a scaly, scaly form to create a new layer of skin.
It is only normal after 1 to 2 months depending on the location of each person. So when you see these phenomena you do not need to worry. You only need to note in case the blister is blistered and burned like a burned boiling water or the appearance of small spots.
You may have been allergic to tattoos since tattoos can cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. Call us for advice.

Finally, we want you to consider carefully before deciding on a tattoo because it will follow you throughout your life. You will suffer and spend a lot of time and money if you want to delete it.
It is also easy to experience the phenomenon of allergy tattoo if you own a sensitive skin
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