About Binh Tattoo

Born and raised in Quang Nam - Vietnam a country with many ethnic cultures, rich tradition. A name that many young people know when it comes to Tattoo Da Nang.
In 2010, he began researching and mastering the techniques of tattoos of masters, and his seniors in the profession, stretching through the period of his continuous learning and creativity in each of his tattoos. , his style is the traditional Asian culture of ancient colors over time, with many years of experience in the profession and relentless passion for learning has made his name to this day.
With the development of technology, tattoos have now grown far beyond its history. Traditionally, traditional tattoos use a long needle connected to a long stick or metal, and then crash into the flesh at a rapid rate, along with the ink from the burning rubber. The development of machinery technology, with many types of needles, many more, the color is also richer, making tattoos easier, can tattoo many types and More elaborate details. Tattoos have now become a thriving art form all over the world, collectively known as "ART TITLE".
Art tattoos are popular all over the world, especially the developed countries such as USA, UK, Russia, Japan, China .....
Today people use art tattoos to:
- Body Decoration: Girls can tattoo the body in areas such as waist, shoulders, wrists, ankles .... create charm, to look more charming. Or guys, can tattoo the biceps, shoulders, back ... to look healthier.
- Body congestion: Sometimes on the body there are undesirable defects such as scars, freckles, freckles, acne, moles, burns ..... the tattoos are also a way to decorate. good to cover up those defects.
- Keeping Memories, Impressions: Tattoos also carry many meanings, many tattoos about a person such as wife, husband, father, mother, son, brother, sister .... or a character they love, to save memories, unforgettable impression. Or they could say something that they love or use for life, or a letter to someone's name ....
- Make amulet: Former people often use the body such as charms, pearls, pendants, bracelets ... make the object of his fortune to show things: lucky, jar An .... But the out-of-body can be lost, so today people tend to have more tattoo used to make his talisman. People can tattoo like: lucky star, lucky grass. Or images of the Lord, the Mother, the Buddha, the Bodhisattva, the gods or the simplicity of the Cross, the lotus .... Or the mascot, An, every one of the images, have their own meaning, according to Feng Shui, customs, customs, the West, all can express. It's a tattoo, making it a personal charm for everyone. For example, in Thailand, people often tattoo charms according to the Buddhist scriptures ....... In Japan people often tattoo Devils, warrior samurai .... In China people often tattooed Buddha and the gods Phuc Loc Tho ..... In Europe people often tattooed God, cross, mother ....